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Kris Carmichael is a resident of Jackson, MS.  Originally from the township of Stonewall, located in East Mississippi, Kris moved to Jackson in 1990 after his marriage to Margaret Quay Miller of Jackson, where he lives today.  A Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter, Bagpiper, Fly-Fisherman, Hiker, Railroad buff, Photographer, International  Traveler, Aspiring Writer,  and  Politician, his  upbringing among the blue-collar textile workers of Stonewall provided him with a gifted wisdom that marked him from a young age.  In 1981, at 22 years of age, he was elected Mayor of Stonewall, and was at the time one of the youngest serving Mayors in the nation. He is Past Master of  Stonewall Wilson Lodge 72, holds membership in Jackson Pearl Lodge 23, Scottish and York Rite Bodies, as well as Wahabi Shriners. He was also chosen as one of the “Outstanding Young Men of America” in 1984, and received the same honor again in 1985.  It is his unassuming character and quiet nature, combined with his educational background and life experiences that have contributed to his success in life. After having completed High School in 1975, Kris graduated from Clarke College in Newton, MS in 1977, where he obtained as Associate Arts degree with emphasis on Bible and Government.  From 1977 to 1979, Kris attended Mississippi College in Clinton, where he received a Bachelor’s in Political Science and a Minor in History.  During the years following his return to Stonewall after College, Kris also picked up course work in the field of education at Meridian Community College and Mississippi State.  In October of 2006, he received his Masters in Rabbinic Theology, under the authority of the Official Board Of Messianic Bureau International and the Trustees of MBI Yeshiva.  Known only as Kris to many, he has championed a non-obstructionist approach to those desiring access to the scriptural truths of our Heavenly Fathers Word.  He sincerely believes that only the Father and His Word has the authority to open and shut the doors of access to man.  Faith generated by fear, is not practiced or tolerated within his teaching domain, nor does he pursue the conspiracy theories of men.  All who desire to know the mysteries of the Words of Elohim, are welcome to enter within that open door without mortal obstruction or barrier.   And to those which think otherwise, such will be judged by the very Word they hindered others from hearing and acting upon.

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May is the month that many Law Enforcement agencies in Mississippi and around the nation remember those who have given their lives while in the performance of their duties.  Any Piper receiving a call to raise his Pipes in service to our Law Enforcement Agencies has truly received a most humbling and enduring honor.

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Ms Bureau of Narcotics Memorial

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