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J. Kris Carmichael

4136 Swan Hill Drive

Jackson, MS     39212

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On a more Confidential Nature:

  • I provide PowerPoint presentations to Churches, groups studies, civic organizations, fraternal organizations and families who sincerely desire to “get involved” in the presentation with questions and comments.
  • Fees: Depending upon mileage, within the Jackson area, just have me some coffee ready, and if you wish to give a token of your support, it will of course be most humbly appreciated.
  • I do use caution in accepting one on one invitations. I do not wish to give the appearance of impropriety when in the presence of the opposite sex and ask that all such invitations be held in public places,  and if possible, not on the Shabbat, which is Friday Sundown to Saturday Sundown.
  • I work an 8 to 5 Monday through Friday, like many others in the Jackson area. It is ultimately my hope that a place can be located in the downtown area to conduct a Friday evening service, open to anyone with prayer needs as well as question regarding scriptural study and observation.
  • I would also seek the creation of a Think-Tank on Scriptural Interpretation. Seeking out those who are people of prayer, slow to anger, able to keep confidentialities, are articulate in writing skills, non-sensational, and value the dignity of others, more especially, those who disagree.
  • If you are satisified with my professionalism in conducting my presentations, I do request that you permit me to use you as a reference, per reasons of credibility, should there be no objection on your part for doing so.

I do want to hear from you!  I am interested in what inquiries you may have regarding your most perplexing Biblical questions.  Your line of questioning would not only be interesting to discuss, but it would provide me with additional insight with respect to my ongoing research and development of a future work.

For inquiries and questions:

If you email me for the first time, your email may be deposited in my suspect folder. Once I send it to my inbox it, you will be able to send directly to me. So if you get a message regarding your email not reaching me, it may be in my suspect folder. If you don’t receive a response, please go to my blog and jot me a note advising me of the situation.

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