It is my hope, that this effort will initially serve to create a renewed interest in the study of Scripture.  I do not seek converts, nor do I subscribe to any particular denominational doctrine.  This Ministry I was given is to move among the people, a vigilant watchman without status or religious pedigree, clearing the way of access to our Fathers Word, which is often obstructed by the traditional teachings of men.  It is my deepest passionate belief that only God, by his Word alone, is vested with the authority of Opening & Closing the doors of access, this authority never has and never will be within the domain of men.  When any man or woman, moved by the Spirit of our Father, desires to learn more of Him, I am here to point the way, to encourage, and not to judge or condemn.  I do not seek to position or impose myself within that sacred secret space between you and your Heavenly Father, but rather to guard it from those which would.  The relationship “space” between a child and his/her Father is a profound, passionate, and private area, one in which I will not tread, but will wholly support. And to those whose doctrines, traditions, and regulations serve to obstruct even one persons access to our Fathers Word, thus denying that one person the right of entrance, and by default also prohibiting the movement of Gods Spirit within that person, will have to answer to that very same Word, they forbid others from Hearing and Acting Upon.

For our Master said in John 12:  48 “He who rejects Me, and does not receive My sayings, has one who judges him; the word I spoke is what will judge him at the last day.”       

POLL – Seeking interested parties which may be open to considering a new approach to Scriptural Study.  A forum based Hebraic Assembly dedicated to the pursuit of breaking new ground in the Jackson area.  Please feel free to make inquiry to the email below should you have additional questions.